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by Layla

001. Starting over is always difficult, but…

It just needs to be done.

For the most part of 2022, I was on a prolonged radio silence–partly because of my poor mental health (which is slowly on the mend), and for the most part, I was dealing with work and academic struggles. They never end. The excuses never end, too!

But after some thought, I thought that I’d write here on this blog, and give it another go. But I decided that with all the fancy bells and whistles that have been part of my blog layout, I have decided to pare things down, simplify things. Also, I did a spring cleaning of entries–because I needed to face it–reading some of my older entries, I realised that something was off. I felt like I sounded like I was such a dick. Like a huge know it all. I know I need to work on that.


I’m going to try not to do that dick energy in my blog this year. And I hope that I write more often, too!


See you soon.

by Layla

For the Law Freshie || Looking for something? Researching for cases in the law library or online

Let me tell you a funny story.

When I was a law freshman, I wasn’t so adept at looking for cases. I was lost, confused, and even more so if there’s only a date and those numbers after the date. Because the idea of hunting up for cases was so foreign to me back then.

Thank heaven for kind upperclassmen!

You might ask, don’t you have a subject called Legal Research? Well, yes we did, but it was all in theory. What did we know about shepardizing, and looking for the correct citation? Very little.

How did we freshmen get around the library? Again, thank heaven for kind upperclassmen, and the harried librarians. These upperclassmen and librarians taught us lost freshers how to look for cases. And because I want to pay it forward, I want to share it with you guys, so you won’t be as lost as we were. Continue Reading →

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