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My 2022 to-be-read bookstack

Happy new year! Hope you are all well and safe–although this is easier said than done. COVID cases are surging again, and nearly every one I know are either positive or manifesting symptoms. #fuckyouomicron

I’m praying for everyone to get better or feel better soon–COVID is not something to be sneezed at (no pun intended).

Speaking of the new year, what better opportunity to do something different? Like taking on a new hobby, starting a new fitness regime, eat a different food category?

This year though, I’ve decided to get back into reading. So I’ve joined the Goodreads 2022 reading challenge. I’ve listed only 15 books for this year–because let’s start small, and yeah, I’ll explain further in another post. For now though, here are eight of the fifteen books I plan to read this year.

1. The White Album, by Joan Didion

I have first heard of Joan Didion from my friend but unfortunately was not able to find out till recently how (and where) to buy them. Unfortunately my favourite bookstore ran out of stock of The White Album, so I decided on an alternative: the Kindle version. I confess to have cheated a bit with this book–I’ve been reading it long before I’ve started the challenge.

2. Lovely War,  by Julie Berry

I won’t lie, the cover was a magnet. Also, the little summary at the back drew me to the book: love and war, and a little bit of mythology woven in.

I am reading this book at the same time as The White Album.


3. Black Swans, by Eve Babitz

When I watched the Gossip Girl reboot, there was one character that stood out for me, and it was because the character loves to read. And this book was one of the books she was reading. So, I immediately got curious and decided to get a Kindle version of this book.


4 and 5:  The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy and the Oxford Handbook of Public Policy

I came across these books while looking for the prescribed textbook for the Policy Analysis class I was enrolled in last academic year. I really want to know more about Political Economy and Public Policy because I am contemplating on pursuing a second Master’s on Public Policy. I’m hoping that these books will give me the insight I need.

6 and 7: Humans as A Service by Jeremias Prassl and Hustle and Gig by Alexandrea Ravenelle

I’ve read these books to finish a term paper for my class in Labor Relations law. However, I’ve only read a few chapters and did not have the time to properly read the books in their entirety. I hope to be able to do so this time.


8. Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf

I first read this book when I was in my senior year of high school. I admit to have had a hard time getting through the book, and didn’t like it as much. I guess I can say that I must have been too young to appreciate the finer points of the story and its message. I hope I am able to appreciate the book better this time.


So that’s eight out of fifteen! If you would like to know what are the other books in my 2022 book stack, you can check it out here! Also, are we friends on Goodreads already? If we are not yet friends but you want to be, feel free to send a friend request–responses might be late, but I’ll certainly try to be prompt in responding!

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