Author: Layla

011. I’ve made a Notion template!

Are you a Notion user? If yes, how and where do you use it? I use it for both work and graduate school. I heard about Notion in 2019 but did not have time to explore it until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic a year later. It’s weird, talking about something already four years old, but hey, it’s still a going concern, so there we go. So, back to Notion. Lately, I have tried to figure out how to make templates for my workspace. I used to get free templates that eventually didn’t work for me as they no longer suited my needs at some point in my life. So far, I have managed to make simple layouts, but believe me, the actual process of making them is by no means a simple one! Because I’m quite proud of myself, I’m happy to share with you my first Notion template. To get the template, head over here, and click on the two little squares next to the magnifying glass! 🙂

010. January I love you, but you’re freaking me out.

Ah, the new year! Brand new beginnings, fresh starts, and all that, but I’m beginning to think that January feels like an eternity, yet I keep myself in check, lest the whole year will spin as fast as a Beyblade that’s out of control. Does that make sense? God, I hope so. 2023 was a rollercoaster. It’s a rollercoaster that I do not want to get back on to again. Let me be a bit honest here–the year has been a bloody stressful year. Sure, it has helped me grow and branch out, but it wore me out. It did. It’s not a year that I would wish for my worst enemy to stay in. January feels very much like an extension of 2023. One of my aunts passed away almost a week ago, and while I have more or less accepted her transition from earth to heaven, it doesn’t stop me from feeling the loss very keenly. She has been a huge part of my life–she taught me so much about art, literature, and …

009. Opening up again.

For months, I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself. And even so, during these months, I have been very remiss in writing in this blog turned-diary. I had fears that people would find my little cubbyhole on the internet, and everything I write about would be placed under the microscope. Yeah, succinctly put, I was afraid of being judged.  But I realised, that as one reaches a certain age (I shall be transitioning into another decade in my life, after all), I now have zero fucks to give. I no longer have time for this shit. Of course, I shall still proceed with caution. There is nothing so distasteful as to write something that might be remotely libellous. We can’t have that. I have to give a caveat, though. This will take time as I have plenty of other commitments. So yeah, see you around.