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My 2022 to-be-read bookstack

Happy new year! Hope you are all well and safe–although this is easier said than done. COVID cases are surging again, and nearly every one I know are either positive or manifesting symptoms. #fuckyouomicron I’m praying for everyone to get better or feel better soon–COVID is not something to be sneezed at (no pun intended). Speaking of the new year, what better opportunity to do something different? Like taking on a new hobby, starting a new fitness regime, eat a different food category? This year though, I’ve decided to get back into reading. So I’ve joined the Goodreads 2022 reading challenge. I’ve listed only 15 books for this year–because let’s start small, and yeah, I’ll explain further in another post. For now though, here are eight of the fifteen books I plan to read this year.

I’ve read four of the books Audrey Hope from the Gossip Girl reboot read…

..and here’s what I think so far. Who doesn’t like messy teen drama? I’m guilty of liking it. But I’m also guilty of liking characters from messy teen dramas who stand out. And how does this character stand out? By being a bookworm with tough, dismissive exterior, hiding a loving, caring heart underneath. I could go on why I love her, but this isn’t what this blog post is about. Audrey reads books that have very diverse themes–from affairs, women’s lives, essays about music, culture, literature, art, and even poetry. Her reading list (yes, she has one!) is pretty extensive, but I have read four so far. I will be sharing my (short) takeaways/reviews, and I hope it’ll encourage you to read them, too! Ornament and Silence: Essays on Women’s Lives, from Virginia Woolf to Germaine Greer Kennedy Fraser, 1996, Knopf From writers, artists’ wives, feminists, and even naturalists, Kennedy Fraser wrote about various women. My favourite essay is the one on Miriam Rothschild Lane. She was so passionate about nature and butterflies. Not only …

Why Anne with an E is good for your soul

Main cast: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, RF Thompson, Lucas Jade Zumann, Dalmar Abuzeid, Dalila Bela, Joanna Douglas, Corinne Koslo Yes, I grew up reading the books, and I also watched the 1985 Kevin Sullivan production, and I loved it (well, only up to the sequel–sorry, not sorry). Every single bit of it. Anne Shirley stole my heart the moment she arrived in the Cuthbert home. A few years ago, when I read that there would be another reproduction of an Anne of Green Gables TV series, I WAS SO EXCITED, I could burst. Could they tell the story more accurately this time? Would we see Anne and Gilbert have a family, and see their children grow? Either way, I AM ALL FOR IT. Enter 2017, and I saw Anne with an E being fleshed out–initially, I found the beginning bleak as Anne’s future in Green Gables. A slightly grey landscape, a plainly furnished farmhouse made me wonder if my excitement was premature. But boy, I was wrong to be disappointed.