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009. Opening up again.

For months, I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself. And even so, during these months, I have been very remiss in writing in this blog turned-diary. I had fears that people would find my little cubbyhole on the internet, and everything I write about would be placed under the microscope. Yeah, succinctly put, I was afraid of being judged.  But I realised, that as one reaches a certain age (I shall be transitioning into another decade in my life, after all), I now have zero fucks to give. I no longer have time for this shit. Of course, I shall still proceed with caution. There is nothing so distasteful as to write something that might be remotely libellous. We can’t have that. I have to give a caveat, though. This will take time as I have plenty of other commitments. So yeah, see you around.    

007. Stop the world, I want to get off.

  Yes, I know it’s the name of a musical, but it’s exactly how I felt for the past five weeks. I thought I was okay, but something happened, and it made me realise how wrong I was. But enough about me. How are you all feeling? Have you ever reached the point where you think everything seems to spiral out of control, and it feels like there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop the spiralling from happening? That was exactly how I felt, and honestly, I am still feeling it now. While the spiralling is gradually slowing down, it wasn’t the kind of slowing down that I wanted. But hey, it’s progress, so I’ll take it. Oh, to have my peace of mind back.