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009. Opening up again.

For months, I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself. And even so, during these months, I have been very remiss in writing in this blog turned-diary.

I had fears that people would find my little cubbyhole on the internet, and everything I write about would be placed under the microscope. Yeah, succinctly put, I was afraid of being judged. 

But I realised, that as one reaches a certain age (I shall be transitioning into another decade in my life, after all), I now have zero fucks to give. I no longer have time for this shit. Of course, I shall still proceed with caution. There is nothing so distasteful as to write something that might be remotely libellous. We can’t have that.

I have to give a caveat, though. This will take time as I have plenty of other commitments. So yeah, see you around.



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Filipina, 40s. Public servant by day, grad student at night. Blueberry cheesecake and cat enthusiast. Loves a good caramel milk tea with egg pudding.

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