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011. I’ve made a Notion template!

Are you a Notion user? If yes, how and where do you use it? I use it for both work and graduate school. I heard about Notion in 2019 but did not have time to explore it until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic a year later. It’s weird, talking about something already four years old, but hey, it’s still a going concern, so there we go. So, back to Notion. Lately, I have tried to figure out how to make templates for my workspace. I used to get free templates that eventually didn’t work for me as they no longer suited my needs at some point in my life. So far, I have managed to make simple layouts, but believe me, the actual process of making them is by no means a simple one! Because I’m quite proud of myself, I’m happy to share with you my first Notion template. To get the template, head over here, and click on the two little squares next to the magnifying glass! 🙂

008. Vitamin sea.

  As promised, I will be posting pictures about our team-building activities that took place in May. In May. May. That was five months ago. I don’t have an excuse for sharing photographs at this late date, but you see, things are just settling in for me. I have been going through so many things at the moment, and I am conserving my mental and emotional energy. Attending this team-building activity refreshed my batteries. Away from the office, away from people who sometimes try your patience…well, it is perfect. That aside, I’m going to share my favourite pictures from the activity. Pic spam below. 🙂

003. February: “Went under a bus, got hit by a train.”

    The love month came in quickly and is leaving just as quickly. And frankly, it’s a relief. Emotions are all over the place, and I wish I could blame it on the hormones. Relationships start, and they end. As much as possible, I avoid talking about my romantic relationships. It’s not a matter of keeping it secret, but rather, it’s something between me and my partner. And to be honest, once people know about it, they will have a lot to say, and far too often, they are unsolicited advice, and in some cases jokes that are part unkind and part something else. A friend jokingly commented, “AFAM, sagot sa kahirapan!” It’s not a funny joke, and never will be. I had to shut that down quickly, as it was an uncalled-for joke. Even if it’s given by people you consider close friends. It was by no means an easy relationship. A long distance one never really is, and I know fully well the kind of commitment it entails. In many cases they …