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A very tasty potato galette

Again, hola amigos and amigas! 🙂 Yes, I’m a girl who loves to eat, and a girl who also loves to cook. I discovered this dish while looking at Facebook videos.  Facebook is a treasure trove where food videos are concerned, I kid you not. This tasty dish is called a potato galette and oh my, it is fancy. According to the Martha Stewart website, the potato galette is a staple dish in the French countryside. Although she made her galette differently, I’m sure her variation is just as good. I got this recipe from Cooking with Shereen. You can see more of her toothsome treats here and here.

Finally, a success: My attempt at making salted caramel

In all my years of [novice] cooking and baking, there’s nothing I dread more than making caramel. My first attempt was not so much a disaster, it was more like a carnage.