Hi, I’m Layla. :)


Hi, I am Layla. Public servant by day; graduate student at night.

Hi, and you’re welcome! Please feel free to look around the blog! 🙂

Currently, I am a first year student in the Master of Industrial Relations program at the University of the Philippines School of Labor and Industrial Relations. My objective is to be better equipped in making better policies regarding human resources in the workplace.

Academia aside, my interests are varied: music, books, beauty, food, art, and volunteer work. Presently, I am closely involved with The Friday Book Club, a young organisation led by dynamic women helping children who lack access to books, reading, and learning, gain that access and have a better future. We organise book drives, mini-art workshops, storytelling sessions. Please let me know if you want to work with us! Will share my email addresses below.

This blog aims to share my experiences in graduate school, and hopefully, in the future, to share publications or journal articles that I have written.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog. 🙂

Also attached is a short resume, which includes only the summarised list of work and educational background. A more comprehensive resume is available upon request.

Email addresses for the Friday Book Club:


If you want to work with me in some capacity: hellotherelayla@gmail.com