Shoes, ships, and sealing wax.

Sometimes personal, sometimes lukewarm, sometimes wild.

by Layla

002. I’ve been sick, and it’s not cute: reflections while in the sickbed and others in between


Well, hello there. Been pretty ill, and it was not exactly a great sensation.

Returning to work felt like having a pair of jelly legs: just feeling wobbly overall. There are times that it felt like my body was in one place and my mind in another. But despite that, I am grateful for the end of each work day, as I get to tick one box for every task accomplished.

I have been feeling on edge about something I couldn’t explain, but I am slowly working out through the kinks. Since I have been ill for the most part of the first week of the new year, I have not been able to restart myself where health  (mental and physical) is concerned. Hopefully, I can establish some sort of rhythm: one that’s not so rigid, one that’s a little more forgiving.

During my four-day convalescence (I speak as though I am some Victorian maiden wasting away on some mysterious disease), I was able to reflect though. About who I am as a person, what I want, what I can offer, what I can withhold, the boundaries I need to exercise and the things I need to correct–because let’s face it: indeed, no one is perfect. Continue Reading →