Shoes, ships, and sealing wax.

Sometimes personal, sometimes lukewarm, sometimes wild.

by Layla

001. Starting over is always difficult, but…

It just needs to be done.

For the most part of 2022, I was on a prolonged radio silence–partly because of my poor mental health (which is slowly on the mend), and for the most part, I was dealing with work and academic struggles. They never end. The excuses never end, too!

But after some thought, I thought that I’d write here on this blog, and give it another go. But I decided that with all the fancy bells and whistles that have been part of my blog layout, I have decided to pare things down, simplify things. Also, I did a spring cleaning of entries–because I needed to face it–reading some of my older entries, I realised that something was off. I felt like I sounded like I was such a dick. Like a huge know it all. I know I need to work on that.


I’m going to try not to do that dick energy in my blog this year. And I hope that I write more often, too!


See you soon.

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