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004. Tempus fugit.


Yes, it’s been a month. How time flies!

I say this without a trace of irony. Days seem to fly by quickly, and when I say quickly, I mean obscenely fast. 

And speaking of time, I’ve spent a lot of time processing what has happened the past month. No one was at fault–and as what I have said previously, it ended the way it did.

And even before things ended, I have been obsessing over things that I shouldn’t have. Focusing on these things have made me forget that I have been shutting out other things in my life.

Moving on, I sleep better now. I have more time to study, and I can now focus on fulfilling my work deliverables, among many others. And it feels good. It feels really good. I’m also in the process of restructuring my daily habits. I know I will need time to recalibrate myself: my habits have been more or less centered on one person. But what’s done is done. I can only do better from now on.

Last week, after attending a seminar in school, I decided to stop by the Sunken Garden instead of getting a jeepney right after getting down the terminal. I bought myself some street food, and enjoyed the view and the activity. People were either having some sort of picnic, or playing a sport. Some were rehearsing a dance. And it hit me–a year from now, I would be leaving this uni. Of course it’s always there for me to visit, but until lately, I rarely ever took time to stop and enjoy the experience without worrying about the next assignment, or the untranscribed lecture recording for my class notes. So it’s a sign that I should enjoy things like this more.

I’ll be doing it the next time I go to school. Have a picnic after class, and enjoy watching people do their thing. I will take each day as it comes and enjoy it, even when things seem to go awry.

And I can say: everything’s going to be okay.

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