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006. It’s fine, we’re fine.


This is pretty much a “proof of life” post.

It’s incredible how fast time flies–one day, we’re starting a whole new year, and today, we’re in the second half.

So many things have happened. I know, I know, it’s the age-old excuse, but it’s not an untruth. I’ve been busy with school and I had to deal with many things at work. In addition, I also had to help prepare for our division’s team-building activities, and it was an absolute blast. Since I participated, I was able to recharge my batteries.

Being by the sea can do that to you. I was glad I went, as I was in an emotional slump, and I have had one bad mental health day after another. Taking a day off (with people I love at work) was the absolute ticket. I loved every moment of it. I will have a separate photo-dump post because I took masses of pictures and it would be a shame not to share any of it.

And speaking of school, I’m excited to share that I only have two semesters left in graduate school, and I was appointed as a student council officer in my home college.

I’m honoured and grateful for everything I have experienced in graduate school. Being in it has given me back the confidence that I lost when I was in law school, and that’s an understatement. If you told me four years ago that I would be a confident, involved student in graduate school, I would have laughed at you. I was scared and excited at the same time, and look where we are now. Almost at the finish line! Below are some of the end-of-the-semester pics that I took.



While the security guard took these pictures, she took them using my phone camera.


Also sharing pics that showed me really preparing for that big sem-ender push: lots of sleepless nights, food extravaganzas (haha), and mini breakdowns, haha. Basically, my term paper prep pictures.

It makes me a little sad, knowing how little time I have left in the university that I have come to love so much. But I am going to make the most of the coming days and relish every bit of it.

Kids, everything’s fine. We’re fine.

Let me know what you think. :)

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