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Gifts the student in your life will appreciate AT ANY SEASON


Missed a birthday? Too late for Christmas? Not able to make it for Valentine’s Day? Got a student in your life you need to appreciate? While this post is actually late, one can still give gifts that can be used throughout the year–especially when the recipient is a student!

This post was inspired by a memory in law school: it was the season for class Christmas parties and exchanging gifts. One of my classmates played it safe and included a wishlist (I kid you not) along with the slip of paper where her “code name” was scribbled. Her list included:

Post-Its (five pieces, the long yellow ones)

Pilot G-Tech pens (0.3/0.4)–black, blue and red: TWO OF EACH

Stabilo Boss Highlighters (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green–AGAIN, TWO OF EACH)

Index cards, both sides unruled; 100 pieces.

1 ten piece set of Staedtler Fineliner pens

Okay, I can go on all afternoon! But at least you get the gist. The funny thing was, she wasn’t alone where wishlists were concerned. A few classmates even ventured as far as including codal books (pocket Bible-sized books of unannotated laws–codes, they are usually called. This is what they look like:


And they’re pretty much the Bible of every Filipino law student (Sorry, God!). We were all required to master each and every word of the law, memorising and chanting it even in our sleep if need be.

Okay, I digress.

Going back to the business of gift-giving (ha!), the student in your life deserves your tender loving care by giving them stuff they can really appreciate and use. While flowers and candies are a sweet gesture, wouldn’t it be sweeter if they use your gift and think of you while doing so? *winkwink* So what can you give them? Below is a handy gift guide–perfect for any occasion!


1. Stationery/School/Office Supplies

No kids, this one isn’t a joke. Students have little time or means to go to the nearest bookstore and buy quality supplies. When I say supplies, I am referring to notebooks, pens, and related paraphernalia.

You might like these:

  • Weekly Planner-See that diary with oranges against a blue background? I fell in love with it instantly when I saw it at a bazaar so I bought it immediately. A planner will help you keep track of important stuff such as finalising a paper, coursework, and even your study schedule! If you are from the Philippines, you can buy yours from this Facebook shop. I bought my planner there.
  • Notebooks-see the notebooks with the white spine and the light brown one? They’re actually sketchbooks but the paper is of really good quality so I am going to use it as a notebook instead! Korean stationery rocks! I bought these little beauties, along with the blue planner at a bazaar. You can get similar items from here.
  • Sticky notes- Post Its, without a doubt! Enough said.
  • Flags-they’re pretty handy when you want to mark a certain chapter or page from your readings, and they’re my staples! 3M is my go to brand. I once bought a cheaper (also cuter) alternative but alas the company who makes the flags seemed to have folded up. Daiso also sells them, too.
  • Index cards-If you’re someone who makes flashcards to help in revising/studying, the index card is your friend! I have a preference for unruled index cards, however I don’t think they are still available. Sob! Okay, just kidding. If you are in the Philippines, preferably in the Manila/Quezon City area and you’ve found unruled index cards in a bookstore, please let me know! You’ll have my undying gratitude…and maybe you’ll get cookies from me! 😉
  • Pens-Ahh, one of the most important item in a student’s bag. Call me weird, but in my pencil case, I use a different set of pens for writing notes with and taking exams or filling up forms. I use a pen with a thicker weight when taking an exam because the professor has no time trying to scrutinise and re-read my booklet because of my thin and light handwriting, hence, it might be poorly marked ([sh]it happens). For my notes, I use the Pilot G-Tech 0.3 pens. In taking exams or filling up forms, I use the Pentel Energel pen (0.5 blue).
  • Markers-Markers maketh a book or notebook come alive with colours of the rainbow (yes, no bull), or to make important points more visible. I bought a set of these cute highlighters online-they are not available in the Philippines yet, although I hope they would be soon! (Miracles can happen, yes!) I also use the Staedtler triplus fineliner in making my notes look easier on the eye (see picture below) and easier to remember. I have this 10 pen set (photo, above) that I take with me to work everyday.

  • Desk organiser-A clutter-free study table is a focused student.

2. Other helpful objects such as power banks (perfect for phones, tablets) that would keep your–or the student-in-your-life’s device charged even without a power outlet is a gift from above! No need to panic during emergencies! USB flash drives and external hard drives are perfect for students who have to save their coursework in a back up device (think dissertations, scholarly articles, essays, and similar work).

3. Water bottles-A hydrated student is a focused student. You can find plenty of water bottles (a simple one by Rubbermaid  will do–it’s good quality besides) even in the local grocery or department store. But if you want something fancy, you can find inspiration in Etsy! Plus there’s always Starbucks! Haha! 🙂

4. Subscriptions/gift cards- No time to go to the shops or shop online? Never fear, gift cards or certificates are always a ready solution! Amazon has them, and you can give them to the student in your life–he or she can be your friend, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, or probably even your husband or wife-and he or she can use it any way they want! Apple has gift cards too–pretty nifty if there’s an app or music you want to buy! 😉

Perhaps the student in your life makes use of the following websites or apps–Evernote, Scribd, Dropbox, and they use it to capacity. Upgrading their account will help him or her a lot–will allow additional memory to store more documents, or write more notes, or buy more reading materials (in Scribd’s case).

5. Tender love and care. This is something money can’t buy, and it won’t be found in any shop–online or otherwise. While the student in your life isn’t dealing with office politics, presentations and deadlines, he or she will still deal with the stress of exams, coursework, and man, it’s not a walk in the park! What he or she will need is your unconditional love and support. Please take time to talk to them–they may need a sounding board, or they may need cheering up–sometimes they need a break, and what better time to have an ice cream date?

Have I missed something in the list? Please do let me know! 

NB: This list is also applicable for those people who support some who is taking the Bar exam (if you’re in the Philippines or USA–or any country who requires passing an exam to be eligible to practice law), or any board exam! 🙂 Also for people preparing for some sort of exam that can give them qualifications for employment or higher education! 🙂


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