Month: March 2017

Gifts the student in your life will appreciate AT ANY SEASON


Missed a birthday? Too late for Christmas? Not able to make it for Valentine’s Day? Got a student in your life you need to appreciate? While this post is actually late, one can still give gifts that can be used throughout the year–especially when the recipient is a student!

This post was inspired by a memory in law school: it was the season for class Christmas parties and exchanging gifts. One of my classmates played it safe and included a wishlist (I kid you not) along with the slip of paper where her “code name” was scribbled. Her list included:

Post-Its (five pieces, the long yellow ones)

Pilot G-Tech pens (0.3/0.4)–black, blue and red: TWO OF EACH

Stabilo Boss Highlighters (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green–AGAIN, TWO OF EACH)

Index cards, both sides unruled; 100 pieces.

1 ten piece set of Staedtler Fineliner pens

Okay, I can go on all afternoon! But at least you get the gist. The funny thing was, she wasn’t alone where wishlists were concerned. A few classmates even ventured as far as including codal books (pocket Bible-sized books of unannotated laws–codes, they are usually called. This is what they look like:


And they’re pretty much the Bible of every Filipino law student (Sorry, God!). We¬†were all required to master each and every word of the law, memorising and chanting it even in our sleep if need be.

Okay, I digress.

Going back to the business of gift-giving (ha!), the student in your life deserves your tender loving care by giving them stuff they can really appreciate and use. While flowers and candies are a sweet gesture, wouldn’t it be sweeter if they use your gift and think of you while doing so? *winkwink* So what can you give them? Below is a handy gift guide–perfect for any occasion! Read More