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The Weekly Snippet 3: Things I am pretty excited about.

Hey, hey, hey, hello! Here we are again! I am writing this while I am on a break from studying. Yes, you read it right. Classes have now started again and I am now a freshman for the Master of Industrial Relations program. It’s so amazing how fast the time has gone since I have applied for graduate school admissions. But at the same time, it feels weird to be having another year of online classes. I really did hope last year that the pandemic will be (done and) gone, and I will be starting my Masters’ back in my uni campus. In my dreams. The pandemic is far from being over, and for all intents and purposes, it has gotten worse, vaccine rollout or no. So I might as well be resigned to the idea that I shall graduate virtually for my Master’s. Pessimism aside, I do know that there’s always a silver lining in everything. So I will try to be a little more hopeful in this post. After all, this blog post is …

Other ways in which we can practise self-care.

Spa days? Check. Pampering sessions? Check. Don’t get me wrong, both are good for self-care. But because of the current pandemic, we know that going to the spa isn’t possible at the moment. There’s no need to worry–there are other things people can exercise self-care. They are probably things that you you all might doing already–either way, I thought I’d share them. Exercise. Maybe this one’s no longer a surprise to some people, especially if they do it regularly. Admittedly, I struggle to do this regularly. But I will do my best to be more diligent about exercising.

2020 can kiss my a**. Or maybe not.

Well, that’s quite a title. Sorry for that mouthful. It hasn’t been the best of years for everyone. A lot of people lost their jobs, their loved ones due to the goddamned pandemic, poor governance*, not to mention the way George Floyd was killed–I CAN GO ON ALL NIGHT. I won’t mince words. I really hated 2020. It felt like going back to 2016 when my mental health was in The Worst Shape Ever, and I was really wasn’t a wonderful person to hang out with back then. I’ll admit that. I have to admit that I am still an odd duck in a lot of ways. And odd is an understatement. #sorryIwasabitchbackthen