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005. Recently read: Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson

I fell in love with Jennifer Robson’s work ever since I read the Fall of Poppies anthology of stories about World War I historical fiction. After reading All for the Love of You from the Fall of Poppies anthology, I started reading  The Great War series of her work. And all of them were page-turners. I still read them, always wanting to revisit their world. More than twenty years after the “war to end all wars” ended, another war of a global scale is the setting of Ruby Sutton’s story. A young American journalist and an orphan, Ruby is sent to work in London as a war correspondent for a weekly magazine. As the war continues to wreak havoc in many corners of the globe, Ruby grows and changes. I love her growth–she started as an overly inquisitive newcomer, and the story ended with her experiencing love, warmth and friendship. The story showed how people survived the war with courage, determination, and pluck. I can only imagine how tough (and dangerous) it was for people back then.