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Quarantine Diaries 3: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Hi, how are you? No, really. How are YOU? Hope you’re holding up well. I hope that your physical condition is fit as a fiddle. I hope that your mental health is just as good, you’re not climbing on the walls, that you’re not silently going mad. I wish each one of you the very best in this so-called new normal. Manila is currently on Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. Next week, we’re transitioning into General Community Quarantine. And the thought of that…well, it can cause an anxiety attack for some. (I know it’s going to cause me an anxiety attack, for sure.) I think businesses, offices are open not because it’s safe now–it’s because something needs to be done to the economy before it collapses. We all need to do something about that. But what if we catch something? What if we come into contact with someone who is asymptomatic? What if… I have realised that we can’t borrow trouble. But yes, the need for caution is there and it will stay. WE ALL NEED …

Quarantine Diaries 2: Attempting to live in the “new normal”.

In which I attempt to make cottage pie that isn’t even a real cottage pie, and an apple tart. Hola amigos and amigas! I’m back. Looks like our cherished dream of going back to normal isn’t going to happen anytime soon. We’re still cooped up inside our homes, trying not to get crazy, trying not to get sick. But hey! We all make our own good times. Yes, cooking now counts as a “good time”. Why not? Who doesn’t like to eat healthy, nutritious tasty food that’s not processed food? Yeah, that’s my family! For the past few weeks, we’ve been donning our imaginary chef’s toque, whipping up dishes we’ve never eaten in a long, long time, or yes, for the first time, even. But more on that, later. What else have I been up to apart from honing my culinary skills? Still doing coursework. While I am happy to comply with the requirements, it’s either that or to drop and re-enrol the course the next semester. Thanks, but no thanks. As much as I …

Quarantine Diaries 1: Of COVID-19, quarantine, and other disasters.

Hello! Yes, it’s been ages, and things have been so topsy turvy. The COVID-19 virus is now wreaking havoc, and when I say havoc, I would spell it in capitals. HAVOC. The greater Manila area, as well as the island of Luzon, is on lockdown. Classes (online and onsite) are suspended and save for a skeletal staff, work is also suspended.