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The Weekly Snippet 3: Things I am pretty excited about.

Hey, hey, hey, hello! Here we are again! I am writing this while I am on a break from studying. Yes, you read it right. Classes have now started again and I am now a freshman for the Master of Industrial Relations program. It’s so amazing how fast the time has gone since I have applied for graduate school admissions. But at the same time, it feels weird to be having another year of online classes. I really did hope last year that the pandemic will be (done and) gone, and I will be starting my Masters’ back in my uni campus. In my dreams. The pandemic is far from being over, and for all intents and purposes, it has gotten¬†worse, vaccine rollout or no. So I might as well be resigned to the idea that I shall graduate virtually for my Master’s. Pessimism aside, I do know that there’s always a silver lining in everything. So I will try to be a little more hopeful in this post. After all, this blog post is …

The Weekly Snippet 2: Me and my relationship with period drama

At the risk of providing too much information, this girl is PMS-ing right now. And what better cure can a girl have than a glass of cold milk, Lotus Biscoff biscuits, and a night of period drama? There was no pun intended, I promise.¬† I’ve managed to watch two period pieces from HBO–one, a revisioning of a popular television series from Australia, and another, a Malaysian-English production. The first one is mainly light-hearted with some dramatic and sentimental lines, and the other, rather heavily charged. Hopefully I’ll be able to share as much as I can without providing any spoilers. Miss S is the Chinese adaptation of the Australian Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Now, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to watch the original, so I have a point of comparison. But before I’ll deliver my verdict, I’ll tell you that Miss S has a pretty competent cast, including Yii Ma, as Su Wen Li, or the titular Miss S, Gao Weiguang as Inspector Luo (Inspector Jack Robinson’s Chinese counterpart), Haochen Wu as Police …

The Weekly Snippet 1: Hello, good evening, how you’ve been?

Hi, hope you’re all well and safe. Miss Rona’s still on the rampage, and no one’s safe–vaccine or no. I’m unwinding after a long day at work, listening to people talk on Twitter Spaces (Law School Spaces, if you’re interested), and of course, writing this blog entry. I’m all buzzed up, despite my aching arm. I’ve just finished a six-minute arm workout (2 lbs dumbells, two songs)–which means that I’m totally hyper. Add the fact that I’ve officially graduated from the diploma track of the graduate program I am in. So yeah, I’m a happy little girl.