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Other ways in which we can practise self-care.

Spa days? Check.

Pampering sessions? Check.

Don’t get me wrong, both are good for self-care. But because of the current pandemic, we know that going to the spa isn’t possible at the moment. There’s no need to worry–there are other things people can exercise self-care.

They are probably things that you you all might doing already–either way, I thought I’d share them.

Exercise. Maybe this one’s no longer a surprise to some people, especially if they do it regularly. Admittedly, I struggle to do this regularly. But I will do my best to be more diligent about exercising.

Are there any simple workout routines you can recommend to someone who is starting over?

Not skipping meals. I really cannot stress enough how important breakfast is. It can help one get through the morning at work.

I make it a point to eat breakfast. If I couldn’t eat breakfast at home, I’ll make to eat something in the office before I start work. 

If you can’t eat before you leave home, maybe you bring something you can eat along the way or when you arrive at your workstation.

Taking vitamins or other important medications. It will help boost your immune system and also help your body work like it should. 

This admittedly, is one habit I need to be better at. I sometimes skip a day when I am hurrying to get ready for work. 

Eating fruits and veggies. There’s a reason why your mother was persistent in making you eat carrots when you were little.

Fruits and veggies contain plenty of nutrients that will help your body fight off disease and help you become alert. Fruits and vegetables, like vitamins, also help your body work the way it should.

I’m currently starting on a new habit: to eat more vegetables and fruits. I used to love eating fruits and vegetables, and I wonder why I stopped wanting to eat them.

Social media detox brings peace that passes understanding. No kidding. More often than not, social media triggers a lot of unpleasant feelings, to say nothing of depressive and anxiety attacks. 

I am guilty of reacting to some posts and commenting on them. Sometimes, these comments aren’t so friendly. But I am however, working on lessening that and leaving more positive comments instead. 

Also, I should probably do the detox more often. 

Saving money and making good investments. This is going to sound weird, but hear me out–having savings is also a good form of self-care. Having some kind of money saved keeps one from being anxious about the future–and having some form of freedom because one will have something to use during emergencies. 

I am working on having more savings than expenditures. It can get difficult especially during Lazada and Shopee sales–but hey! I am proud to have resisted the recent 7.7 sale. 🙂


Having a good night’s sleep. Nothing really beats a good night’s sleep. One that’s uninterrupted. It’s really so refreshing.

I’m making the most out of my semestral break by sleeping at least six hours. Especially I no longer have a reason for waking up in the wee small hours in the morning. However, there are times when I have difficulty falling asleep (anxiety, I’m looking at you).

Sometimes I take medications or sleeping pills to help me sleep better.  But as much as possible, I prefer to do it naturally.

I sometimes take a bath using bath gel with a soothing smell that helps me sleep. Another aid I use is Lush’s Sleepy Lotion. It really works. It costs a bomb, but it works. And it makes my skin soft when I wake in the morning, which is another win.

And speaking of sleep, I shall be sleeping–but before that, I shall be ending this blog update. Keep safe and take care of yourselves, everyone! 🙂

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