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This semester: A reflection.

Note: This picture was taken in 2019– long before the pandemic.  I loved  exploring the university campus, and I did it whenever I had time. And I’m glad I did, especially when the pandemic hit our country. I won’t lie, I miss my uni campus very much. There’s so much about it that gives me peace–whether it’s the trees and lush greenery or the confidence it has given me, it’s hard to tell.

Maybe I am just half-bottle-of-whining–but I would very much like to say that this semester wasn’t the easiest I’ve ever had. If I thought my first semester was awful, the second was far worse. Not only was I struggling to revise a research proposal, I was also trying to cope with the requirements for the subjects I was currently enrolled in.

Be that as it may, I enjoyed the classes, and was sad that numerous suspensions cut quality class sessions short. I really enjoyed learning from my classmates and professor, and I was able to gain new insights on how policies are made, and about labour laws.  I am currently writing a term paper about sexual harassment and its connection to the #MeToo movement and current policies of the government about combating sexual harassment–it’s an uphill climb, but I am enjoying writing it.

I don’t know how I’ll fare this semester. I won’t know until my grades  come in. And until then, I’ll just hope and pray.

Another reason why I have been struggling is because I have run out of medications. It was so hard to work with multiple breakdowns, not to mention anxiety attacks and depressive attacks. But hey! I managed to hand in my revised research proposal, and finally, my grade is no longer deferred, so huzzah!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my support system–they are more than I realise, and their faith in my abilities continues to touch me. And God. I cannot count how many times He has held me up. I couldn’t have done this without Him and the people I love.

Yes, I am currently in a state of limbo. But I’m hoping for better and happier days.

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