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The 30 Day Challenge || The first five days

Well, hello there. 🙂

I have no excuse, but I hope you’ll understand–the second semester has been crazy busy. And that’s an understatement.

Just to keep you guys updated, a friend invited me to her Facebook group which is more like a mastermind group. And a mastermind group is a group that exchanges ideas, encourages each other in keeping their goals for growth, and whatever else. I’ve joined this accountability 30-day challenge where we share goals that we can accomplish within the next thirty days, and encourage fellow members in accomplishing theirs.

Sharing mine, for the record:



Was I able to follow through with all the goals for the first five days?

Not quite.

I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments. With respect to the annotations,  I’ve had to set these aside for a bit as I needed to prepare a pre-draft of my proposal. I’ve asked my aunt for help so I needed to send that to her via email for her inputs.

Despite that adjustment, I was able to finish my annotations for journal article #12. So there are only three left! 

BUT…BUT…I realised that I’m now a little behind schedule. And yes, I am panicking a little, and I’ve begun to have anxiety attacks every now and then. But I decided to just go with the flow, as panicking will only freeze my brain and render it unproductive. So I just made the best of things, and allow myself to rest after I have accomplished my deliverables.


I have come to the realisation that while discipline and determination are important, so is flexibility. The little hiccups tell me that it’s okay to have minor obstacles along the way–things like that CAN and DO happen. Also, this challenge is not about winning a race; it’s how determined we are to meet those goals and to make the best of things should there be minor mishaps along the way. 

Yes, I should really take better care of myself. While it’s nice to excel academically and at work, I should make time for my well-being. And in the pursuit of meeting those work and academic goals, I forgot about my health. But I can start over and make improvements. After all, the immortal Anne Shirley from the book Anne of Green Gables once said:

So, this ends my little update. See you again soon! 🙂



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