Attempts at Academic Writing
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A new series: Attempts at Academic Writing

So, I will be introducing a new series to this blog: my attempts at academic writing. I know, you’ll say that blogging is my creative outlet, so I should be providing a separate space for such endeavor. But at the moment, it is costly to provide such a space, and also, time-consuming to maintain a separate blog. So here we are.

Also, I did mention at some point that I would be integrating a slightly more academic bent to my posts at some point, and what better time to start than now. Right?

To start things off, I shall soon post an abridged version of my term paper about the gig economy. Hopefully, this will soon be followed by another term paper (again, abridged), and other thought pieces.

This will be all for now. See you all soon!

PS. For referencing/citation, I shall be using the APA system of citation and referencing. Also, should you find something that I need to improve, please, please let me know! You can send me an email to this email address:, or you can leave a comment in any of my academic-related posts.


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