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2020 can kiss my a**. Or maybe not.

Well, that’s quite a title. Sorry for that mouthful.

It hasn’t been the best of years for everyone. A lot of people lost their jobs, their loved ones due to the goddamned pandemic, poor governance*, not to mention the way George Floyd was killed–I CAN GO ON ALL NIGHT.

I won’t mince words. I really hated 2020. It felt like going back to 2016 when my mental health was in The Worst Shape Ever, and I was really wasn’t a wonderful person to hang out with back then. I’ll admit that. I have to admit that I am still an odd duck in a lot of ways. And odd is an understatement. #sorryIwasabitchbackthen

And then there’s online class. Boy, that was really something. It’s not an ideal setup, but what can we do? It’s either grin-and-bear-it or face taking a penalty course if I stayed in the diploma track for more than four semesters. So I chose to grin and bear it. While I cannot count how many times I’ve moaned about it, it’s done a lot of wonders for me, especially with how I managed my workload. It was a learning experience and one that I wouldn’t forget in a long time. And while I was occasionally running around like a chicken with its head cut off (sorry, terrible simile), I am proud to say that I DID IT. I LIVED THROUGH THE SEMESTER.

One of my proudest moments in the semester was when I ALMOST aced my midterm exam in my Labor relations class. While Labor law was one of my favourite subject areas when I was in law school, I never came near to acing a midterm exam. It’s weird how that’s happened in graduate school, but I am thankful for it, nevertheless, and again, it has given me more confidence in my academic abilities.

So, what now, 2021? There are a few things that I want to happen this year:

  1. That the vaccine be administered to more people, and hopefully the vaccine is a safer, more effective one;
  2. The pandemic to end;
  3. Graduate;
  4. Finally stepping up academically (proceeding to Master’s proper)
  5. My family and friends staying healthy;
  6. My sister being able to visit home

I don’t think that list requires further expounding, well except for #4. If this is your first time reading my blog, I’d like to explain my current academic status. I am currently on a diploma track, and I am on my second year, albeit on irregular status. If all goes well this semester, and if I complete my research proposal before May, I’ll be graduating at the end of the second semester of this academic year. I am still deciding whether I should shift to Public Administration or stay in Industrial Relations.

So I’ll end this update here. I still have still school requirements to complete, but I really don’t want to start this year without an update at least! Stay safe, everyone!:)

*I really can’t elaborate on that here. We can probably talk about it on email. Or elsewhere.

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