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Pushing the Envelope: #BigGirlsCanDoFashion

Glenna Walters (right), as Tillie Boulter in Anne with an E.

As a big girl, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to dress fashionably. All the nice clothes, it seemed to me, were made just for the slimmer girls. So where’s the justice in that?

Pre-lockdown, I’ve always felt conscious that I look drab even in my favourite clothes.

But recently, I came to the realisation that it doesn’t matter what one wears–it’s how one wears it. When I finally decided to change up my look to get ready for my post-lockdown life, I look back from long ago, and I remember asking Susan, a friend from law school who is also a very hefty girl herself. I remember her wearing basically whatever she wanted. And most importantly, Susan wears clothes that flatter her best features. She tells me, however, that that confidence didn’t happen overnight. But, she says, you’ve got only one body, so might as well rock it.

I asked her, how does she do it? Her answer was simple but true. “Believe that you also have the right to wear that dress. Believe that you also have the right to wear that tankini. Believe that you also have the right to wear that low cut blouse.”

And she’s right.

So this is it. I’ve decided to take a leap in the dark! No, not a leap in the dark. A leap of faith, more accurately.

What propelled (and inspired) me to start this personal fashion passion project are two women close to my heart. One real, and one fictional.

One of my dearest friends, Joana, is a pharmacist, a model, a beauty queen, and the most stylish person I know. Her outfits are always well put together. She has encouraged me to go for this passion project called Big Girls Can Do Fashion. Because she also believes big girls can look good, can present themselves as well as slim girls too. More importantly, Joana also believes that women, no matter what their shape or size, are all beautiful.

And the other woman? She is none other than Tillie Boulter (wonderfully portrayed by Glenna Walters, the girl wearing green in the picture) from Anne with an E. A big girl like myself, she does not let her figure stop her from wearing pretty school frocks (let’s face it, despite how uncomfortable they are, Victorian and early Edwardian fashions rock). She has a lively, fun, and bubbly personality, that makes her even more confident about rocking her frocks.

I wanted to start this project because I want to see my plus-sized sisters rock their outfits. I want them to feel confident as they should be about wearing clothes they feel comfortable in.  I want them to show that to the world, and give society the middle finger it deserves for making bigger women feel ashamed about their size. Okay, let’s scrap the middle finger part, but you know what I mean.

So, how does this project work? I will post a few OOTDs plus a few special bits here on this blog. The OOTDs will also be shown on Instagram too! Follow the Instagram account (please see URL below).

I am also inviting my fellow big gals/plus sized sisters to use the hashtag: #BigGirlsCanDoFashion. Please share this with your friends and join in the fun! 🙂


Note–for image credits, source: Netflix, screencap mine.

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