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A few of my favourite apps to help me study

Here I am, making an effort to be a little more active in this blog. 🙂

I’m back after preparing and slogging through midterms, and speaking of midterms–a lot of revising and swotting went on for the past two weeks. My birthday came and went without much notice, except a trip to this paper convention I’ve planned to go to since it was announced around March or April.

Anyway, I’ve veered away from the subject matter! These apps have helped my study experience easier. From Dropbox to good ol’ Microsoft Word, I’m going to share it! 🙂

    1. Dropbox. While I still print out some of my school readings, this app keeps me from having to lug around a lot of books. Who needs to carry them anyway, when you can store files in Dropbox? Granted that you have to pay more for extra storage, but it’s still worth its weight in gold.
    2. Scribd. This site is a gold mine, I swear.  I find books that I need for uni. Again, if you want to get access to loads of books they have on offer, you have to pay for the service. I do, and it’s totally worth your $9. I have found many of my required readings in Scribd.
    3. Forest. I have, admittedly, a love-hate relationship with Forest. I do get easily distracted, and I (occasionally) end up having my tree killed. HOW IT WORKS: Forest, in a nutshell, is a productivity app, which helps one become less addicted to their devices, eg. phones, or tablets, or whatnot. You get to successfully “plant” a tree when you don’t close the app before the set time of 25 minutes. You do, however, get a five-minute break, which is similar to the Pomodoro timer system. The best bit: The Forest app team teamed up (no pun intended) with tree planting organisations. So far, the app has helped plant 585, 134 trees as per the app’s website. How amazing is that?
    4. Microsoft Word/One Note- I switch between these two apps whenever I make my notes for classes. Microsoft Word for me is a clear winner, as it lets me format my notes as simply but as organised as I want, which I cannot do with One Note.

5. Remember the Milk. My older sister recommended this to me and I have been using it ever since. But I need more features such as integration with my Gmail, and Google drive. So I’m on the lookout for a new to-do list app. Any recommendations? 🙂

And that’s the lot for now! Are there any study or productivity apps you think I should follow? 🙂

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