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My July–catching up with you all

Hello! Hope you are all well.

July sped by, and it took my breath away–literally!

For some reason, this month had the record of me calling in sick a lot because of–you guessed it, asthma attacks. Oh, and high blood pressure, which shocked me. It’s a wake up call for me to eat more healthily and to exercise more!

This month was also a flurry of preparations–having those medical check-ups as part of a pre-enrolment requirement for uni–graduate school, that is (there will be more of that in a separate post); and getting my [messy] bedroom ready–making it conducive for studying.

And what a challenge that was! My room was in a bit of a mess (an understatement), and a lot of cleaning had to be done. Below are the Before pictures–look at them, absolute carnage!

It took me around four days to get this mess sorted. I’ve had asthma attacks due to the dust, so I had to take frequent breaks. Also, there was a moment of indecision as to whether to dispose a stack of magazines and other similar stuff I kept for sentimental reasons. But as difficult as it was to do, they were disposed of (goodbye, Emily Blunt, my ultimate girl crush–sob!).

Anyway, after a considerable amount of tidying, disposing, and pottering about, I am happy to show you my partially cleaned room, with two new work areas: my computer work station, and my study table.

I did the cleaning up after I enroled/registered for classes. The process was easier than I expected it to be–I actually expected longer lines and a complicated process. Instead, it was straightforward and simple. I scarcely even had time to eat because the line moved quickly. Yes, really! My older sister, who studied in the same university as I do now, told me to expect looooonnnnnggggg lines, and to find a means to keep myself entertained, watered, and fed while queueing. And I did equip myself for that: I brought a bacon and mozzarella cheese sandwich, a bottle of raspberry iced tea, and two packs of fruit-flavoured candy cubes (if I brought more edibles, it would have been a picnic, oops). My phone and tablet were fully charged–the Star Scout me in grade school would be so proud.

I am happy to tell you more about it–in another entry, though. If this is your first time reading this blog, this can keep you in the loop about my graduate school journey.

Despite the fact that this month made me physically sick, I am in a good place mentally and emotionally, so I am happy about it. Hopefully this happy state of things will be maintained as well improved.

So this ends my little update! Will be following this post up soon!

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