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My glass skin dreams

As I am in my mid-thirties, I need to take better care of my skin, thus the incorporation of two anti-aging moisturisers s and facial wash in my skin care routine.

Recently however, i came across this article from Allure introducing a popular Korean trend, the glass skin, a fancy term for clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin. Of course I was sold on that. Who doesn’t want a clear, dewy, and luminous skin? I wouldn’t be an exception.

The products pictured above aren’t all the products I use everyday for skincare. There are new products that I have just bought, and not yet used! I’m willing to share my skincare routine, though.

  1. First step is cleansing my face with cleansing oil. Pictured above is St. Ives’ apricot oil scrub. While it does the job, it isn’t a patch on my favourite cleansing oil. My ride or die product is Human Nature’s Gentle Cleansing Oil–and it is gentle as the product name says.
  2. After cleansing with oil, I wash my face with this facial wash and Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser. I also team this up with Nivea’s Whip Foam facial wash, and Ponds’ Age Miracle facial wash (because yeah, I’m getting old),

    Once or twice a week, I exfoliate my face using Skinfood’s Strawberry Black Sugar Mask . I have discontinued using the St. Ives’ oil scrub as it did not feel gentle on my skin as I had hoped, although it did a good job cleansing it. Skinfood’s mask did a better job at exfoliating–not only was it gentle, it did not dry out my skin.

    I use a combination of local and well known brands for toning. For the prevention and erasure of zits (haha), I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil toner. I mix this with Pixi’s Glow Tonic, Human Nature’s Balancing toner, and Dear Klairs Supple Preparation facial toner. All three of them are game changers where my skincare routine is concerned, as they have gradually improved my skin. Below is a pic of my much improved complexion.

    Note that other than my lipstick, I did not wear or use any other item of makeup. My skincare routine really made such a huge difference. Only a few traces of my old blemishes remain.

    5. Moisturising is also an important part of my skincare routine. For day, I use Cetaphil’s moisturiser (not pictured); as well as Ponds’ Age Miracle day cream, and for night, I use the same product range, but for its night variant. I also lather on The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Mattifying lotion. So far, so good. They keep my skin supple and smooth.

    6. A confession: As I now have someone helping me routing out documents, I don’t go out as much, unless there’s a special errand. And that’s the time I only use sun protection. Well, I’ve found that was a mistake–I should use it everyday–yes, even when it’s a cloudy day! I use this essence for sun protection. It’s light, not sticky, and odour free.

    Yes, these products have helped my skin improve, but there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, hydration, and yes, a good skincare routine–your skin care products might be good, but if you don’t establish a good habit where skincare is concerned, they won’t be much help! 🙂 Other products don’t show its effects until the second week of use. And also, be careful. If you’re allergic to a certain product, stop using it.

    Lastly, use only the products that work best for you–only you (or your dermatologist) would know that. 🙂

    EDIT: I have decided to stop using The Body Shop’s tea tree oil toner. My skin now gets irritated after every use. It’s a shame as it clears my skin of acne!

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