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After that long break + what I learned during that time

Hello, I’m back, after a long break.

So many things have happened–Lent and grad school applications thrown in together.

So, what’s Lent got to do with the break? Well, it’s the time of the year I usually do my annual social media detox. I cheated a bit, that’s true (#cantstayawayfromthegram), but I’ve learned to be less fixated on it.

There are a few things I’ve learned during my break. I will be sharing my insights on them.

1. There are better things you can do with your time. Yes, really. Clean your room! Focus on that coursework! Do your chores! Spend time with your family!

There seems to be an abundant supply of exclamation marks. Soz.

2. You will learn that you need to choose your battles wisely. Yes, participating by commenting in that thread about some guy breaking up with a girl over GoT spoilers* sounds like a tempting idea, but no, it’s not going to ensure world peace.

3. Put that phone down, there’s nothing wrong with you. Or your life. For a time, I’d look at Instagram and wonder why I don’t look picture perfect and I don’t have a lifestyle that would allow me to buy really pretty dresses and shoes. But I am reminded that I have more than I actually need (and want). I grew up in a happy home. I have a roof over my head; I eat warm, delicious, and nutritious food–I could go on.

4. Staying away from social does wonders for your mental health. Couldn’t tell a lie, I admit there were withdrawal symptoms for the first few days. As the days went on, it was easier to carry on without social media. The result? A less-stressed, and happier me. Because I chose not to engage with things not worth my time and mindspace.

All these realisations hit me so hard, enough for me to consider another detox. Do you also engage in a social media detox? If not, would you consider it? 🙂

*No such thread exists, example only crafted for purposes of academic discussion.

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